Here are instructions in case you run into trouble. Be patient when uploading your PBEQ archive, as the files can be large.

Required input

Upload Instructions

Please register if you wish to maintain an archive of your jobs, and log in before submitting jobs.

Users lacking a registered account may submit jobs with or without an email address.

Jobs that are both private and anonymous will only be accessible via the link given at the time of submission.

The DBSI Server is free for academic and non-commercial users. Others should contact Julie Mitchell for licensing information.

The PBEQ archive (.tgz) files can be generated here. Be sure to set epsP=2.0, Dcel_c=1.0 and Dcel_f=0.5 to obtain correct DBSI results.

Private Job

You may download a sample PBEQ archive, or if you wish to run the server interface with this input data automatically loaded, please use this link.